Ranging from the classical Bharatnatyam to the mix and match tribal dances and folk songs for the theme related topics in the primary years program are taught by our in house dance teacher and have helped our students win various trophies in interschool and state level competitions’. Annual Founders day program uses symbolism to effectively convey powerful messages through dance choreographed exclusively by our in-house dance department.

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The outdoor swimming pool helps children develop coordination skills for overall health. The swimming pools have dedicated swimming experts who teach the students the right way to swim and ensure that your child is always safe even if they are busy having fun in the pool.


The school has an international size throwball ground that has the facility to enable training in the basics of football by professional coaches.

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Basket ball

The school has an international standard indoor as well as outdoor basketball court.

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High jump

The school has a field of international size.

Music Instruments

Students learn how to sight-read music on the Tabla and saxophone, in addition to exploring music from different cultures and historical periods. Across all grade levels, we explore, learn, create and grow in confidence.

Outdoor Activities

Adventure sports like trekking, rock climbing, river crossing. Outdoor education is a key feature of life at the school. We have made a conscious decision to make maximum use of the fabulous natural resource we have on our doorstep. Whilst many students are enthusiastic about conventional sports we also have the opportunity to extend provision to include a range of activities that students can pursue throughout their lives. Several specialist teachers and instructors are employed to ensure that those resources and opportunities are promoted.

Horse Riding

The school offers horse riding facilities with trained and committed staff, for maximum time of practice

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